Oh, snap! Hold my earrings!

Yep, here it is, folks.  More than halfway through the school year.

 Knee deep in creative things happening, but no time to blog about it! About 99% of what I write happens in the summer, despite the fact that school year chaos is the time that I would most like to be writing for fun. 

Anyway, here's a quickie! 

I have always struggled to organize my earrings.  A jewelry box with multiple, tiny drawers was what I've always used, but I could never find a matching pair!

I tried sticking one earring through the other, holding them together with a backing, but it got annoying to take the 3 seconds to take them apart in the morning. 

I wanted them ALL in front of me, like pretty ladies all in a row! 

One day, I was in the dollar store and it hit me....BAM!  Ice cube trays!!!

Hit them with some metallic spray paint (I prefer gold, but I had silver on hand) and there you go!

Perfect earring and ring holders.