My Favorite Hobby

I love a good project.  Especially if it involves making something old look (in my opinion) beautiful and new again.

I've posted before about my Annie Sloan chalk paint obsession, so I thought I'd start a page of various furniture and/or household items that have become victim to learning new chalk painting techniques.  I am, by far, no expert.  But, you can't learn without trying and taking chances, right? 

Here are my projects in some-what chronological order.

1. My husband's old dresser from his first apartment.  Your standard gigantic, oak monster.  Notice the missing knobs.  Fancy!

 After:   Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Coco.  Fleur-de-Lis stenciling in bronze acrylic. Bronze knobs from Lowes. Clear Wax finish.  

 Before/After picture montage! Oooohhh!
2. IKEA Dining Room buffet that was horribly stained This beauty was part of MY first apartment.  Thanks to my awful staining skills circa 2007, it was now time for a face-lift.
 Bottom part of piece painted with Annie Sloan's French Linen.  Top painted with AS Old Ochre with Morroccan stenciling in AS Aubusson Blue. French Bulldog puttering around is totally optional, but highly recommended XoXo

 The stenciling part......I'm not going to lie....was pretty intense and at times, highly frustrating.  However, I am pleased with the outcome! Below is a finished picture I took around Easter.  Top of buffet finished with a clear polycrilic sealer.

3. Before and After of the project I was least thrilled about....and I got paid for it. 

This is a desk that my neighbors found on the side of the road, so they handed it over to me with a general color palate in mind and told me to have at it.  It was my first attempt at color-on-color distressing and it didn't turn out how I wanted, but the neighbors were thrilled.....thank goodness.

One coat Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite, two coats AS chalk paint in Emperor's Silk.  Here's where I went wrong.....two coats was one coat too many.  When it came to sanding/distressing to get the Graphite to show through, I practically dislocated my arm.  Next time.....ONE coat of top color.  Finished with a dark wax.

4. Super rad hexagon side table circa 1970 that I found on the side of Ferry Rd.  My husband was super thrilled when I pulled the car over, in the rain, to put it in the trunk. 

Two coats Annie Sloan French Linen, topical faux distressing with Old Ochre.  Vintage 1960's damask wallpaper I found on Etsy cut to shape and sealed with Mod Podge on top.  New knobs. 

5.  My favorite project so far, and one that I did in a day.  Found this sweet little cabinet/console at one of my favorite antique stores- Factory Antiques in Silverdale, PA

As you can see, it was in pretty poor shape.  Lots of scuffs, cracks, and nicks.  But.....if this hobby has taught me one thing, it's to see the potential in something.  And I saw the perfect cabinet, waiting to be pretty again. awwwww.....

The first thing I did was sand the daylights out of it in my garage to get some of the old laquer off.  In doing this, I uncovered these delicate, hand painted flowers underneath.  The imagination in me started wondering who painted them, when, etc.  Very cool.  But.....I was going to paint over them anyway. Womp womp.
The quality of this picture is awful, but this was stage one. One coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.  Next, I mixed my own shade of blue using Old White and the little bit of Aubusson Blue I had left.  I think I even mixed in a little bit of French Linen, which is grey.  If you didn't know, Annie Sloan's paints mix beautifully and you can create any shade you can think of.

I learned my lesson from the red desk and applied the blue coat very lightly so that I could distress it easily.

I replaced the bottom drawer knobs with bronze ones from Lowes, but for the top drawer, I decided to look for vintage and found the perfect pair on a lovely Etsy shop here:

The shop owner and I ended up writing back and forth and she was equally as delighted as I was that the beautiful, 1920's era pulls had wound up on my vintage cabinet.  Thank you, Pamela!!

And here's the finished product after distressing and two coats of clear wax....

Man! My pictures are terrible! All taken from my camera phone....soooo, I'm thinking I need a super cool camera for Christmas, right??? :) I hope you get the general idea of how it all turned out, though. cope.  I am grateful for discovering an artistic hobby that I love and that helps me cope :)