Plastic Easter eggs? chalk 'em.

Alright.  I just ate approximately 5 or 6 (six.) yellow Peeps followed by a Pinot Grigio chaser.

 Bottom line..... I'm starting Spring Break hard.

"Normally", our school district would have had this entire past week off for "Spring Break."  However, thanks to the amazing winter we had and the 8 bajillion snow days, we only have off tomorrow (Friday).

So, before I pack for the Grammar Rodeo in Knoxville (gotta get rowdy sometime?) I want to share my ADD hour-of-focus-chalk-paint-project I did yesterday while I was home with my sick baby man.

a.k.a.....proof that you can chalk paint......anything.


1. Buy some varied sizes of plastic Easter eggs.

2. (optional) Mod Podge or glue the eggs shut.  I did this with love and care and then my toddler promptly picked a couple up and broke them open again.

3. Pour a small amount of a white or neutral shade of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint into several corners of a paper plate....or use paper bowls.  I used Annie Sloan Old Ochre because I had it, but this is a great time to use ANY shade of ASCP that you may have, or to experiment with color mixing.

4. Using separate foam brushes (cause they're cheap and easy to clean), mix each glob of whiteish paint with some food coloring to achieve the colors (coloUrs!!!!) of your choosing.  I mixed a little bit of Annie Sloan's Aubusson Blue with my Old Ochre base and the color turned out grey-ish.  Tried it again with some blue food coloring? Robin's egg blue, baby! Food coloring wins.

5. Paint first layer on each egg.  Then realize that, " am I going to do this and not get my fingers in it." get your fingers all up in it. The second coat will make it look pretty again.

6.  Think to self, " am I going to dry these bad boys without them sticking to something?"  So, I ran and got some aluminum foil, crumpled it up, and used the crumple spots for egg drying.  Pla-dow.

7. Let dry, turning once to dry the underside.  Paint again when dry.

8.  After that, you can feel free to get CRAZY.  I left mine plain painted for now, but I was thinking about adding some fun details with my treasured gold Sharpie, or you could put some of that fancy gold gilded stuff on it I guess.  Go nuts!

9.  Display yo' eggs, son.  Done.

Happy Easter!  And, if anyone knows what I found in the old World's Fair tower at the Grammar are my new best friend.