When life hands you lemons....make a lemon wreath.

We, the people of the Northeast United States of America, should all make t-shirts that say:


Holy COW did we get a lot of snow/ice/depression this winter.  More snow days than I can count.  "We're a-gonna be in school 'til July! hee-yuck! hee-yuck!" More like June 20th. Or later.

Anyway, we're over it.  I'm over it.  Bring on SPRING!!

I decided that, after about 47 days in a row without sunshine, our house (or rather, front door) needed a bit of color.  After one too many episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where I watched Yolanda sensuously pick lemons from her home's private orchard on the Pacific, I decided on a lemon wreath.

  • styrofoam  circle wreath base (Michael's)
  • big spool of burlap (Michael's)
  • real-looking fake lemons.  The big ones are the Threshold brand from Target (Threshold is the bomb) and the little ones were in a little sack from........Michael's!

  • - some greenery to fill in the gaps.  I basically just trolled Michael's jungle-esque greenery aisle for something that didn't look too fake and I could pick apart

    - ribbon of your choosing to tie that puppy up.  I picked a wide natural colored ribbon with wire in it to poof it up.  


    1.    Take the burlap and hot glue one end to the styrofoam.  Wrap it around tightly, overlapping some, until the whole thing is covered.  Glue to seal it. 

    2. Get yo' lemons ready and decide where to place them and how to space them out.  

    3. Hot glue the lemons here and there.  Some on the inner part, some on the outer.  Resist the urge to cut one up and make a lemon martini. It won't work. (I didn't get a picture of this.  I'm sure you'll do fine)

    4. Take your greenery apart (mine plucked off a main branch thing).  Ugh, there's wine in this picture. Maybe I should change the name of my blog to "Crafting with Wine".  Wine = Kestutis. 

    5. Hot glue the greenery to the wreath, tucking the plastic stem behind the lemons.  The more space you fill in, the better it will look.  

  • 6.  When you think you've filled enough of the space with some lovely greens, tie your bow on top and voila! 

I may add some live greenery to it when the weather gets a little nicer. (Yeah, did I mention we're expecting more snow on Sunday?) but I think it is delightful :)