New Obsession: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I'll admit it.  I've got champagne tastes on a ginger ale budget.

With my Pinterest obsession came my desire to make my whole house look like this

 and this.....

 but I don't have the budget for new furniture/decor/lighting/etc. etc. grrr. 

Well, I got inspired by a long-lost friend from when I lived in North Carolina as a child, Michelle  (holla, girlfrand!!!!).  She began posting on Facebook and Instagram pictures of refinished furniture she had done herself using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ( Check her out!!. )  It seemed to me that Michelle had a knack for taking so-so old furniture, seeing the potential in it, and turning it into something beautiful that made me go, "I want that!!"  But several things crossed my mind....

1) I have no artistic talent, nor do I have any idea what color "goes" with what........but I have Pinterest for help!!!

2) Who is this Annie Sloan and where do I buy her paint and can a person like me (see #1) dabble in furniture refinishing

I checked out Annie's blog  at and watched a couple of tutorials.  I also typed "Annie Sloan chalk paint" into Pinterest's search and was inspired by even more beautiful transformations.

Hmm.  Can I do this?  Now...where do I buy it???

This wonder paint and products are only sold at select stores and boutiques, and the nearest one I could find was a boutique called Pippi & Peanuts Eclectic Boutique  ( enjoy their Facebook page HERE!!

I took a trip up to Quakertown, PA one Saturday afternoon and walked into......heaven.  

I was immediately greeted by the store's warm and friendly owner, Jan Reese. As I gazed around at all of her beautiful chalk paint creations, I sheepishly told her that I was a newbie, and could she get me started on the world of Annie Sloan.  Jan encouraged me to start simply, but let me know that there are so many techniques to learn about.  I chose a color (harder than choosing a name for my son), got myself a can of wax, a special brush for the wax, and chatted with Jan well past closing time.  

I took my can of Coco colored Chalk Paint home, did some minor prep to my husband's 12-year-old GIGANTIC oak dresser and BAM! Total makeover.  

Total easy, totally fun, and made me feel like I had created a whole new dresser.

Now don't get me wrong.  I am still a newbie. There are many amazing things/techniques you can do with this Chalk Paint that I haven't even attempted such as using two colors and accenting with colored wax. 

And....I totally stunk at the waxing part.  Didn't help that I was waxing the furniture in a tiny, non-ventilated mud room (ummm.....completely opposite of what the can recommends.  the stuff is STRONG and they recommend air and a mask.  oops.)  

But, that's where practice, and MANY more trips to Pippi & Peanuts, comes in! 

One more thing.....I found that a little bit goes a long way!  I did two coats of Coco on the dresser and only used a half a quart of paint (approx. $40).  After that, I chalk painted a flower pot, an old IKEA server thing, the cabinets in my powder room......and it's still not empty! 

Check out Annie Sloan's blog, but you can pretty much Chalk Paint anything.  Wood, metal, cement, brick, lamp shades, small children, dogs named Pierre, and your toe nails (minus the last three.)

I'm hooked.