Tweet Me

Because 4th graders (and probably most kids up to maybe....middle school) think any reference to social media is so fetch, but we're not "allowed" to use it in our school the way it's intended, I've instead tried to incorporate well-known social media sites into classroom organization or behavior management strategies.

Here we have Mrs. C's Twitter board.  Made with some black bulletin board paper, some sweet owl border and some icons from Google image, I've made a spot on the wall near my door that can serve several purposes:

1) "ticket out the door" style- end a lesson by asking students to "tweet" their opinion on a story we just read, or their thoughts on a test we just took, etc.

2) for the kids that NEED to get a random thought out to me during classtime when I KNOW it will totally derail our conversation or work......I say, "Tweet it to me" and they can slap it up there for me to respond to later

3) a place where kids can write ....anything!

 I let each child keep a stack of post-its in their desk and it's as simple as that.  Some tweets I answer (post-it note underneath with "@child'sname......" and sometimes we just keep positive notes up to remind us of bright moments that occurred.

oh....and it's writing in disguise!!!! Whatever gets my kids writing, I'm all about.

( we'll work on grammar another day.......)