mic check.....1, 2....1, 2.

Writing a first blog post is like......

walking into an empty auditorium all Mary Katherine Gallagher style (you KNOW what I mean) and looking around, ever so cautiously.

Hello?  Oh, hi.  Hi, hello.  What's this....a microphone? OHHHH!!!!!!! Let's just see if it's on.

Hi, hi hi?

HIIIIIIIII!!!!! :::: shuffle shuffle jazz hands side step high kick ::::::::  Oh what, no one here?  Perfect.  It's all about ME now.  ::::: high kick high kick ::::

This is my inner-monologue, pretty much all the time.

Well anyway, so ya start yakin' on about God knows what in that there auditorium until you hear a little giggle.  Creepy little clapping.  And there he is.....the creep in the back.

It's like..... this is my own little piece of the internet, but I want creeps listening.  Well, not CREEPS, but ...maybe a little audience of high 5'ers and head-nodders.  Maybe a posse???? Inspire me, I'll inspire you.  Be my creep, and I'll be yours! Just listen.

Hi. I'm Katie.  I'm a wife and a mom (my little guy is soooooooooo cute.  I'm watching him on the monitor now playing peek-a-boo with himself.  He cracks himself UP, yo!!!) I teach 4th grade special education.  Learning Support- math and reading.  And then I pop into a "general education" classroom for some Social Studies/ Science action! American Revolution, anyone?????

I have a lot to say about education. A lot.  And will a blog end me up on the front page of the local newspaper, talking about how I lost my job?  I hope not.  What's free speech and what is in my CONTRACT about free speech? Ugh. hmm......

And.....I'm coping.  Kestutis- to cope.

Coping with anxiety, coping with depression, coping with all that there is in this shiny blue marble we call Earth.  It's a lot, no?  So, come cope with me.  Let's cheer each other on like the Target lady.

YAYYYYY!!!!! Everyone wins!

Okay, I have a peek-a-boo game to attend to.