Long Division......with Post-Its!

So, I teach 4th grade math to students in Learning Support in a resource room.  I have 4 kids.  4!!! And I adore them all and their willingness to stick with me....even though we all know math is hard.  Just kidding. But not really.

And because I'm allowed to teach the curriculum at an "adapted pace", we've spent a lot (a.....LOT) of time on the unit that involves long division.  And then (never start a sentence with "and"...unless you're blogging) Winter Break hit.  And (see what I did there?), it all flies out the window.  Coming back from break was sort of like starting fresh again.....but that's okay.

It's MY job to find new/different ways to teach concepts until they have their (ready for the cliche?) "LIGHT BULB MOMENT!!!"

I was noticing my students needed a lot (A LOT) of reminders to keep their numbers lined up, knowing which number to put where, and knowing when they were done.  So, I took a li'l technique I saw on good old Pinterest and "adapted" it.

1)  my kids love anything that gets them up and moving
2) they love using dry erase markers and......MRS. C'S SECRET STASH OF SMELLY MR. SKETCH MARKERS ***GASSSPPPP!!!**
3) they're obsessed with post-its

So was born......Post-it Long Division.

Each student got their own (big) li'l space on the whiteboard, a marker, and a stack of post-its.  We all started with the same divisor and dividend to learn what I wanted them to do.  Then, we took it one stinkin' step and number at a time.  And guess what?  They loved it! And it worked! Woo hoo! It seemed like writing out each number and placing the number with purpose helped them see WHY the numbers go WHERE.

I sent them home with their homework page tonight and a mini pack of mini, itty-bitty post-its.  Of which I somehow ended up with a billion in my supply closet.  BABIES!!!

Yes.....it wastes paper, so my inner-hippie says to just do one problem a day using them, or you could re-use the numbers.  Ohhh...lamination and magnets????

oh wait......

And besides....there goes playing on their obsessions with all things Post-It.  (insert trademark symbol here)