grab me my soaking salts, boy!

I've recently discovered epsom salts and they.......are.....delightful.  I'm exaggerating.  I really just saw some cool crafts you can do with them that makes things look like they have fake snow on them, okay?

Epsom salts are about the same in size as sea salt, and they have a bit of a sparkle to them.  Now THAT'S the delightful part.  And hence the fact that you can pretty much spray anything with glue, throw some epsom salts at it, and it looks like it's been poofed with snow- candles, pinecones, ornaments, and I've even seen flippin' wine bottles! Because nothing says, "I'm an all-seasons wine drinker" quite like a (fake) snowy wine bottle.   I digress.

They're also pretty cheap.  I got a quart (yes, it comes in a milk-esque container) at KMart for about $2-$3. Here's what I did with some plain, white pillar candles (also from KMart and about $4 apiece), some Elmer's spray glue and a little bit of winter spirit.

 First I started with a big ol' pile of epsom salts poured on some the garage (learned a little lesson from another craft I attempted with spray glue in the dining room.  Whoops!)

 Elmer's Spray Adhesive.  Clearly has some glitter battle wounds from the above mentioned project. It's some strong stuff!!!

 Two pillar candles from K Mart...

I sprayed those bad boys, then immediately rolled them in the salts.
The result are these purdy candles that give off a bit of sparkle.  All pics are from my sweet LG phone, so they really don't do the final product full justice.  The red candle holders (again, prettier and a deeper red in person) are also from KMart and were like, $5 each! Score! 

So, what do YOU put epsom salts on to make a snowy masterpiece? Picture frames? Ornaments? Small children? Share!